Ezine readers won’t bite? Change the bait

A newsletter can be a fantastic way to lure new customers, but without the right bait, you can send out line after line (or issue after issue) and not get a single bite.

What should you be baiting your newsletter with? Let’s take a look…

Does your newsletter seem like too much work?

May I ask you something sort of personal? Does your newsletter seem like too much work sometimes? If it does, you’ll definitely want to check out today’s feature article which is all about where your newsletter can get out of alignment and why it’s so crucial to keep things *in* alignment. (And, of course, I can’t possibly leave you without a practical, easy-to-apply solution–or without revealing my least favorite childhood rainy-day activity…)

Why it’s never the easy metaphor

Struggling to come up with the right stories for your newsletter? You’re not alone.

You know it’s important to share personal stories, but may not be quite sure what that should look like. You know it’s not enough to simply relay the story of the super cute thing Toby did this weekend, and think you should try to link it into your main story somehow… But, how?

In summer, the song sings itself

We’re having a gorgeous spring day here and I’m working outside on the back patio. I must admit, I continue to be amazed by wireless internet access!

Izzy’s lounging in his giant kiddie pool (just a moment ago, he was trying to “drown” his tennis ball…), and I’m bursting at the seams with things that are *almost* ready to share with you. (It’s so hard to be patient about some of them!)

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