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June 2nd, 2008

In summer, the song sings itself

We’re having a gorgeous spring day here and I’m working outside on the back patio. I must admit, I continue to be amazed by wireless internet access!

Izzy’s lounging in his giant kiddie pool (just a moment ago, he was trying to “drown” his tennis ball…), and I’m bursting at the seams with things that are *almost* ready to share with you. (It’s so hard to be patient about some of them!)

I hope you’re enjoying a similarly lovely week this week.

Because last week was a short week, I thought you might be as behind with your email reading as I am. So, no newsletter today–just a photo and me saying howdy, what have you been getting up to lately?

Photo: In summer, the song sings itself; Photo by zoranpet at stock.xchng

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P.S. Remember, in summer, the song may sing itself, but alas the newsletter certainly doesn’t write itself! Don’t forget to keep publishing through the summer, but also remember you can make your issues shorter (even by a lot, like I’m doing today) if you’d like.

Photo by zoranpet.

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