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December 15th, 2008

Did you miss me?

Bet you thought I’d forgotten all about you, huh? Absolutely not!

There were some technical mishaps that meant about half of the list didn’t get September’s newsletter, and while we were sorting those out, I found myself being courted by writer’s block, and trying to complete the final bits of our brand new site/identity.

First, my long-overdue news: the new site is done! Sure, there are still bugs and errors lurking (and if you find any, let me know and I’ll reward you with a fun gift), but it’s alive and ready for you to visit. So, come on over to Thrive Your Tribe and take a look at what we’ve built for you.

You’ll see we’re now officially offering WordPress website design, and blog design, in addition to email newsletter design services. If you’re in the mood for ecommerce, we build those sites, too. From testimonials to our gorgeous new portfolio to a really nifty new blog, the new site has it all.

Future issues of the newsletter will once again have just one feature article, but I’ve done so much writing since your last issue, that rather than share just one article with you, this issue is chock full of links to my latest articles.

My New Series on Inspiration

If you’ve found yourself caught up in an inspiration drought, struggling to write meaningful articles to promote your business, you’re not alone. All too many of my clients and colleagues struggled with this same drought through the summer and fall.

I think it’s a combination of knowing just how much information is out there these days (how on earth do you know if your stuff is good enough to rise above the information soup?!) and being just plain overwhelmed. We want to write meaningful, useful articles, but may feel out-of-ideas or struggle to find the words. If that’s how you’ve been feeling too, you’re absolutely not alone.

It’s what inspired my series: Making it Rain Inspiration. So far, it’s four parts, but I have a few parts left to write. It’s all about the writing approaches that really work when you’re feeling out of sorts, uninspired, or just plain tired of writing.

What Else I’ve Been Writing

Also, if you’ve ever needed to write 20,000 words in a weekend post, read how I did it two weeks ago. Or check out why I blame the E-Myth. Or read about the reason for the new company name.

You know, on second thought, just come on over to the brand new blog and see all the new articles for yourself!

All my best,


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P.S. During my extended hiatus, I had the best news ever and have been so eager to share it with you–one of my clients had her first book published AND thanked me on the acknowledgments page. It’s an all around super book, made extra wonderful by her lovely words about ME. Check it out on Amazon. Thank you, Sara!

P.P.S. Today’s newsletter just-so-happens to (almost) coincide with the latest WordPress release–make sure you upgrade if you use WP. If you need help, send me an email.

P.P.P.S. I’ve really, really missed you!

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