Why You Need an Online Platform

Standing out in a crowded online marketplace requires knowing just what it is about you that appeals most to your ideal clients.

Makes sense, right? That if you want to attract more great clients, you gotta know why those great clients hire you in the first place.

But, it can be really hard to get that kind of perspective about ourselves. It can be hard to know precisely why it is that the people who love working with us, love working with us.

Let’s test this out. Quick, tell me the number one characteristic your idea clients most appreciate about you and their work with you.

What came to mind? Did you draw a blank? If you did, that’s totally normal. It’s also normal to have come up with something a little vague or common.

For instance, you might have thought, “My clients appreciate that they know they can always count on me.” or maybe, “My clients appreciate that I always meet deadlines.” or, “My great customer service!”

Yeah… Those sorts of explanations a) aren’t going to cut it, and b) aren’t actually the reason your ideal clients choose you over your competition.

Your ideal clients hire you because of something specific–concrete characteristics and qualities they can’t find anywhere else in the combination in which you offer them.

For instance, my ideal clients often hire me because they know I make the process of professional website design easy and enjoyable–I have systems in place specifically to help them with the difficult bits of our work together–I’m creative, and I’m deeply intuitive about what my clients are looking for (both of which mean I create work that is compelling, detail-rich, and has an energy my clients love). All of that adds up to a process my clients enjoy that leads to them recommending me to their friends and colleagues.

How do I know this about myself? It wasn’t easy! In fact, because it was such a difficult process for me, I’ve created a system to make it easy for you. (See what I mean about making things easy?)

If you want to know what characteristics and qualities of yours are most attractive to your best clients, all you need to do is take this simple quiz to discover your brand archetype. Once you’ve done that, send me an email and we can talk about how I can help you make your website, blog, and email newsletter reflect those characteristics so that your best prospective clients find and hire you.

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