Five Surprising Reasons to Share the Spotlight

Have you been being stingy with the spotlight in your newsletter? Shining it directly on yourself and leaving others in the dark?

Sure, your newsletter should be “all about you” in the sense that you want to keep each issue focused on the information and approach you use to serve clients and customers… But, that doesn’t mean sharing the spotlight is a bad idea.

In fact, there are five excellent reasons to start sharing the spotlight today.

What Napoleon Knows About Newsletter List Growth

Kindergarten-teacher Katrina decided to hold an awards ceremony mid-year to encourage great behavior during that time of year when kids tend to climb the walls.

She announced the ceremony a few weeks before it was to happen and told the kids about the different awards she’d be giving out–things like “Most imaginative color-er” and “Best at hand-raising.” As part of her announcement, she highlighted five specific awards.

Are Your Readers Ready to Throw Tomatoes?

Perhaps you’re one of those people who think you do better off-the-cuff when it comes to your newsletter. Not for you are the schedules, the folder full of great ideas for upcoming issues, or even a regular template to follow.

You’re a “free spirit,” you say, creative, and unrestrained by the ordinary bounds of other folks.


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