Have You Been Lead to Believe These Loathsome Newsletter Lies?

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: I believe YOU can publish a thriving, profitable, FUN newsletter. In fact, I believe ANYONE can publish a thriving, profitable, fun newsletter.

If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t bother publishing Newsletters in Focus. I would just continue to privately work with the people who could publish successfully. I don’t believe in giving people false hope, so when I share stories of stunning newsletter success, I’m sharing them because they’re almost always possible for YOU, too.

Because I believe you have what it takes to publish a successful newsletter, it really upsets me that you might have been lead to believe one or more of these lies are true. Especially because you may believe these lies because of hype-filled marketing mumbo-jumbo that’s disillusioning because it sounds so preposterous–so you believe the reverse is actually true.

How to Thwart the Spam Filters & Get Your Newsletter Delivered!

Email filters are wonderful things… Until you sit on the publisher’s end of the filter, that is.

If you’re sending out a newsletter, you need to be concerned about your reader’s filters.

While there’s no method that’s 100% fail-proof, a little education can go along way to keeping your newsletter out of the majority of your reader’s filters.

Too Plain, No Gain: How Being Different Will Have Clients Flocking to You

There’s a virus afoot. No, not a computer virus. Or a bird flu virus. But rather a Sameness Virus.

See, most of the articles that wind up on websites, in ezines, and being circulated at sites like EzineArticles.com are very much the same.

In fact, if you spend a lot of time browsing through content, you might just start to feel like the article writers took the old Sesame Street song a little too much to heart–and avoid standing out at all costs.

Are You Asking Readers to Take a Flying Leap?

You publish a newsletter to build trust. To convert your prospects into buyers and clients, right?

How well are you meeting that goal?

If you seem stuck–no matter what you try, people still aren’t buying at the rate you think they should–it may be because you’re asking readers to take a flying leap.

Instead of Hiring Bugle Players, Write Great Articles

Once upon a time, there was a newsletter publisher who bemoaned the trouble he had keeping his readers’ attention.

There was but one solution–ask the town’s citizens. So, he wrote up a proclamation and posted it around the town: “Wanted: Ideas for writing a better newsletter. Prize Awarded for Best Solution.”

He received suggestions from kingdoms far and wide. Some of the suggestions were downright silly: “Write the newsletter on candied paper,” and “Write the newsletter articles in fireworks.”

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