Be the editor

Is this your approach to your own newsletter–to write only what you want, to think only of your own tastes? If you’re like a lot of publishers today, your first, and only, consideration is whether or not you’re interested in a topic. To me, this is akin to thinking your best niche is people just like you. (Like life coaches who only work with women between 45 and 50 who have recently been divorced, have no kids, and like to play the ukulele.)

It’s not inherently wrong, but it is limiting, and probably not in the best interests of your readers (and, thereby, you).

Why TV executives are wrong, wrong, wrong…

Apparently, most TV shows these days don’t do well as reruns in the US (or, at least, that’s what the network executives say). Because reruns don’t get very high ratings, most networks try to avoid them, preferring to produce cheap reality TV shows to fill the gaps left by scripted shows.

It might seem like the same would be true with your newsletter–that your readers won’t be interested in re-reading an article you published previously. But, that’s absolutely not the case!

Are you using photos all wrong in your newsletter?

Car ads usually get it right. Realtors usually get it wrong. Anyone selling the intangible (copywriting, marketing, etc, etc) typically tries really hard to get it right… And fails.

Odds are, you’re getting it wrong too. And, if you are getting it wrong, it’s costing you, big time!

When you use a photo in your newsletter, what is it of? Work you’ve done?

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