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March 3rd, 2008

What’s green and gold and free?

Lately, I’ve been sending out occasional note cards to promote my email design services that have included things like candies and dog cookies. (If you haven’t been getting these mails, it’s because you’re not on my top secret mailing list–if you think you should be, send me your mailing address!)

I really, really wanted to send something for St. Patrick’s Day, but simply don’t have time this year. But I still wanted to create something…

So, I decided I’d make the St. Patrick’s Day card for YOU to send out to YOUR list. Pretty cool, huh? I’m giving it to you as a special treat.

That’s right. No strings. Download it, print it, and mail it off to your lovely customers. The pdf is designed so that you can either take it to your local printer, or you can print it right on your office printer. Four fit perfectly on one letter sized page. (If you’re outside the US, Adobe should let you resize the page just enough so that it’ll fit properly.)

I recommend adding a personal note, business card, and a candy gold coin or two to each one. If you send them with candy, you’ll need .58 stamps in the US according to my local post office.

Absolutely! You’re welcome to share this postcard with your colleagues or email list–just please make sure to give us credit.

Download the postcard.

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